Measures the new 20 inch relief area under USGA Proposed Rule 14.3 quickly and accurately
Converts from an alignment stick to a relief measurement device
Hold. Pull. Click.
Drop It and Stick It.


Why It’s Needed: The USGA has proposed a new rule, 14.3, for measuring the size of the relief area from where a ball must be dropped and played. The new rule creates a simplified 20 inch relief area no nearer the hole and a new drop procedure where the ball no longer needs to be dropped from shoulder level.

How It Works: The DropStick is a convertible alignment stick which, when converted, measures a precise 20 inch relief area. A player would determine the nearest point where there is no longer interference, use the DropStick to measure a 20 inch relief area no closer to the hole from that point, and then Drop It and Stick It.